Wedding Cinematographers





+ Are you able to travel interstate / overseas?

Yes!! We'll go anywhere; our passports and souls are ready and waiting!

+ How many people will be there filming?

It depends on what package you're after, but generally 2 if you're wanting any audio recorded. We are all super chill, and basically trained ninjas so you'll hardly even notice we are there!

We don't like crowding you, regardless of whether it's just 1 shooter or a team of 2, we just hang back and capture the candid moments. And we LOVE photographers! We understand that you pay a lot of money for our services and for theirs, so our approach means that we can work with the photographer to give you the best and most non-intrusive service possible, and not get in each other's way

+ How do you feel about same-sex marriage

We are vehement supporters of same-sex marriage. We see people, not a gender, and we are ecstatic that the Australian government has embraced this ideal too.

+ Will we meet before the big day?

Of course! We feel that it's always good to have a sit down and make sure we are the right fit! This can be at the local coffee shop, or via skype (we're progressive like that) if needed, to fit in with your busy schedule.

+ How many weddings do you shoot?

So to avoid totally destroying all love of filming and also to give our couples a completely unique and invested experience, we only take a limited number of wedding bookings per year, usually between 10-12. This also means I have the time to allocate to editing your films with passion and dedication.

+ How do we lock in a booking?

Well after we've met and you've decided we're the one for you, just let me know and I'll send through the paperwork for you to sign and provide you with an invoice for a 50% non-refundable retainer.

+ We don’t really like looking posed or fake, is that ok?

For sure! You'll probably notice from our work that our style is really based around getting people being natural - the laughter, the tears, the questionable dance moves...We like our shots to be as genuine as possible.

+ Why don't you make 'full length' videos?

In my experience, traditional wedding videos are too long, and they only get watched that one time when you force your family and friends to come over to re-live it in all its 3 hour long glory, and then maybe down the track in 10 years time you'll dust it off for a re-play. These videos are finicky to film, and they require a very dry approach to ensure adequate coverage. I find that this pretty much goes against everything we love about filmmaking.

Our highlight films are made to give you all of the good bits of the day and cover all the magic in the best possible way. You can share it online, watch it on repeat on phones, computers and iPads all in time to head back to work after your lunch break!

+ How do you choose the music?

We believe strongly in supporting artists and as such won't use music without proper licensing. The famous songs that you hear on the radio cost thousands of dollars to license (ouch!). Instead, we trawl through popular music licensing sites that support local and emerging artists by licensing their songs for a small fee (which is included in the price of the film).

Generally, we choose the music ourselves, and present the film to you complete and ready to go!

+ Do we need to feed you on the day?

Yes Please! After a full day of running-and-gunning we get pretty damn ravenous, so we would love it if you could accommodate for up to 2 people (depending on your package). We are also all really annoying and picky eaters, so we always request the meat dish!

+ Do we need to provide a "shot list" to you?

Nope! A shot list kinda takes away the fun and excitement of the events as they happen naturally, and we generally know what needs covering anyway!

We would, however, LOVE a run sheet for the day with all the important deets like phone numbers and addresses, but we've got the rest totally under control. We are ninjas remember?