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+ Do you do destination weddings?

Heck yes! We’re based in Perth, Western Australia, but we also travel to the Margaret River region, otherwise known as Wedding County (ok we made that up). Overseas location? Our passports and souls are ready and waiting!

+ How many people will be there filming on the day?

This depends on which package you settle on, but usually you’ll have a team of two people to cover visuals + audio. Regardless of how many are on your film team, we’re pretty careful to stay out of the action and be the proverbial fly on the wall. And we LOVE photographers! We understand that you pay a lot of money for our services and for theirs, so our approach is to work with your photographer in giving you the best, least intrusive service possible.

+ How do you feel about same-sex marriages

We love them. We see people, not preference, and we are ecstatic that the Australian government is making moves in the right direction on this front.

+ Will we meet before the big day?

Absolutely! We want to get to know you a bit before we capture one of the most intimate and momentous events of your life together. Also, this whole process is kinda like Tinder matching - it’s good to meet up and make sure we’re the right fit for each other before taking it to the next level, you know? We’ll work in with your schedule and can meet at a local coffee shop, on Skype or at our offices in Claremont.

+ How many weddings do you shoot?

To avoid totally destroying all love of filming and to give our couples a completely invested experience, we take a limited number of wedding bookings per year (between 15-20). This ensures that we can give you and your film the time and dedication we believe you deserve.

+ We're keen. How do we book?

After our initial meeting, we’ll send you the paperwork for the package that you’re interested in. You can look it over, ask questions and then when you’re ready sign on the dotted line. We take a 50% deposit up front (non-refundable), with the remainder due 14 days prior to the wedding day.

+ We don’t really like looking posed or fake, is that ok?

A-ok with us. If you haven’t already picked up from viewing our portfolio, our style is about catching the natural moments rather than setting up staged shots. This ties in with our low-key approach on the day. It’s hard to ‘act natural’ when there are cameras up in your grill. We stay out of your way as much as possible so you forget we’re even there. We’ve found that this is the best way to capture those unguarded moments that you’ll never want to forget.

+ Why don't you make 'full length' videos?

This is where it’s good to ask - who would actually watch that? A three hour wedding video is like the 100 page photo album. Ain’t nobody got time for that, not even your nearest and dearest! Also, lengthy videos are finicky to film, and they require a very dry approach to ensure adequate coverage. This pretty much undermines everything we (and our clients) love about film as storytelling.

Our highlight films are intended as a ‘best of’ of the best day of your life. You can share it online, watch it on repeat on your phone/computer/tablet, and your friends won’t hate you for making them watch from start to finish. Win-win!

+ How do you choose the music?

We want good karma for the start of your married life together, so we make sure to only use music with proper licensing! The Top 40 songs you hear on the radio cost thousands to license, so unless you’ve got a few spare gees to throw at your soundtrack, we suggest you leave it to us.

We know the best music licensing sites where we can find tracks by local and emerging artists for a small fee (which is included in the total package price of your film). We put together the soundtrack that we feel fits you and your film and then present it to you, ready to go! If you feel strongly about the music selection or want to work with a certain artist or track, let us know at our initial briefing and we can discuss.

+ Do we need to feed you on the day?

Yes please! Generally, we request catering for two people, although we’ll firm this up when you book your package.

+ Do we need to provide a "shot list" to you?

Nope, we got that covered. We do need a run sheet though, with all the important deets like phone numbers and addresses, and your schedule for the day.