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Do you want to make beautiful memories with your new family that you can actually, you know, be in? put down your camera and let me take control for a candid afternoon of fun and memory-making.

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learn how to make use of all the beautiful everyday footage you capture on holidays and with family, and make them into memories you’ll actually watch again!

The age of the iPhone is here! With the technology to record your memories in high quality at the touch of your fingers, it’s now incredibly easy to record beautiful memories of your family and friends, special holidays, school recitals and family outings.

These memories when watched again, often feel special and unique, but we aren’t always sure how best to share them. Who hasn’t had the struggle of trying to show friends all their fun clips, but who instantly get bored waiting for you to sift through all the photos and videos to find the right shot?

In this workshop, I’ll take you through all the simple ways you can take that footage, and even the photos, and put them together to make a film that your friends and family will watch over and over again!