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The Auburn Hour

The Auburn Hour is a wedding film company based in Perth, Western Australia, and run by Natalie Hind. We specialise in high quality short films with an emphasis on authenticity. While photos capture memories, we go one further - we capture the feeling of your wedding day. The tears, the laughter, the questionable dance moves; all artfully documented and pieced together in a ‘best-of’ highlights reel.

Our style is part documentary, part glowy-dusk-auburn-lighting romantic, however the tone of each film is always informed by the personalities of the couple first and foremost. We don’t do a lot of staged or posed shots - instead, we focus on the real in-between moments with you, your friends and your family. Having said that, if there’s something important to you that you want to make sure we get coverage of on the day, feel free to mention it at our initial meeting.

Certified chaos manager and shameless romantic, our boss lady Natalie runs this show with unbridled enthusiasm and serious attention to detail. Natalie oversees the whole process of making your wedding film - from initial meetings, to being with you filming on the day and finessing the final edit.




Natalie’s enthusiasm for telling love stories is infectious and she thrives on figuring out what makes a couple ‘them’, and capturing that on film.

“I make films because I love to tell stories. I’ve always been hyperbolic in my descriptions, making extravagant gestures to tell a joke or recount a story - I think for me it’s less about the specific details and more about the feeling I’m trying to get across.”

After completing her degree in film, Nat landed in the fashion industry, documenting behind the scenes on films, fashion shows and the like. A stint in more commercial settings provided great experience, but also reaffirmed Nat’s love for a less structured style of filming in capturing the honest moments that aren’t so easy to stage. Above all, Nat says it’s the connections she forms with her clients and their delight with the final product that makes her love this job so much.

“I particularly love getting the first email back from the clients after they’ve watched it, and reading the comments all their family make on the video on Facebook. It puts into perspective what the video means to them personally, rather than this just being about me and my work.”

You want a film with feeling? Nat’s all about that.
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